{OLD} Karma vs {NEW} Karma


March 24, 2013 by SugaryCupcakes

So Riot has finally decided to remake Karma the Enlightened One. Personally, I didn’t think Karma needed a remake, I think she would have been better off just getting a Visual Upgrade, but I suppose this is an attempt to keep Karma up to date with the new Champions and make her a more playable Champion.

Traditional Karma


Traditional Karma

If you haven’t play Karma before, she is actually a great Champion. There are other supports that can out due her because she doesn’t have as much sustainability as other supports, she doesn’t have a hard cc, nor does she have really an ult.

Karma’s ult (Mantra) is a buff that makes her moves do an added active, for instance with her Q (Healing Wave) with her ult it adds a heal to it, if you ult with her W (Spirit Bond) it makes the speed doubled of her speed boost, and if you use her ult with her E (Soul Shield) it basically causes the shield to do AOE damage around the ally as well as shield them.

Revamped Karma


New Karma – Where’s my fans!? *gasp*.. they’re gone D:

So what’s the difference between the two now?

The new Karma has a brand new updated kit. First where her “Q” used to be a cone of her fans it is now a skill shot (Inner Flame). The skill shot basically deals damage and does a slow. The cool thing about using her ult on this move now is that it now does an AOE slow very similar to the Iceborn Gauntlet. After a few seconds, the AOE slow explodes into AOE damage which is just amazing in teamfights. The Q no longer does a heal as it used to do though. D:

Secondly, her “W” has also been changed as well to Focused Resolve. With this skill, it is now a point and click on the enemy Champion. If you are able to click on a Champion and stay in range of it, this move works very much so like Morgana’s ultimate or even Leblanc’s Ethereal Chains. Once the duration has expired the target is stunned in place for a short amount of time which finally grants Karma the CC she’s always needed. If you use her ultimate with this ability, Karma just gets healed while the two are connected. I personally do not like this because Karma has lost her ability to do an AOE heal or just heal another allied Champion in general. BOO RIOT!

Lastly, Karma’s new “E” (Inspire) is a pretty easy upgrade to explain. All Riot did in this case was combine her old W and E and put it into one move. Inspire grants a shield as well as a short speed boost. With Mantra tagged onto this move it does the same as the shield did before. When casts it damages nearby enemies as well as before, but this time it provides all nearby allies with a speed boost. Nice touch Riot!

Overview of Revamped Karma

In the forums, Scarizard mentioned that the new direction they would like to see Karma played is similar to that of Lux.

He says,

“Karma’s new role

Originally envisioned as a support, Karma’s fringe successes actually came from players using her in the top or mid lanes as an AP burst mage with support abilities, much like Zilean or Morgana. We like this direction and want to encourage you to boost both her offensive and support abilities by building AP. We also want to make sure she can hold her own as a solo or with a lane partner.

Finally, we’ve updated her skills so allies are reliant on Karma, but Karma’s not reliant on them. She’s got enough power at her fingertips to feel strong as a mage or as a support without teammates having to work in perfect concert for you to be effective.”

After playing her in both roles on PBE I do believe she can definitely keep up with other AP champions in the mid. Her burst is great and she is a very powerful Support. Even though I thought the old Karma was fun, but underplayed the new Karma seems like she will be just as enjoyable as the old hopefully this time more appreciated. I absolutely love Karma’s Q because of the slow and using it with Mantra makes it AMAZING! Karma always needed a CC and RIOT has finally given it to her. Though she lacks the AOE heal she used to have which has saved many lives in the past, I do believe that the stun she gets now is pretty effective as it works perfectly if used with her Q.  Her E now with the shield and speed boost is perfect for chasing down those enemies with low health and matching HPs. No depending on a minion or an ally for the speed up.

Have you played Karma on PBE yet? If you have I would love to hear what you feel about her being revamped. I love discussion.

2 thoughts on “{OLD} Karma vs {NEW} Karma

  1. Nhan-Fiction says:

    The old Karma was honestly not that good. Sure, there are those people out there who throw out the “you just need to know how to use x champ” argument, but I always find this to be a cop-out.

    The old Karma had an awkward design, she was caught between trying to be a mage and a support at the same time and you had to try harder to make up for her lack of a true ultimate.

    I am on the fence about the new Karma. I will have to see her in action for myself when she is released officially.

    • Honnoka says:

      I do agree with you about the old Karma having such an awkward design. Personally myself, I always played her as a full AP mage then ever as a support. I am glad they made some changes to her ultimate by allowing it the cooldown to reduce based on auto attacks and what not. It allows you to use Mantra more often. I did enjoy playing her more as an AP mage with her remake as well rather than support, but as you say we will see how it turns out when she is officially released. I am going to miss her fans though D:


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