Nintendo 3DS: {HarmoKnight} Review!

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April 2, 2013 by SugaryCupcakes

Last after finally getting my Pikachu 3DS XL last Monday, I could do nothing more continuously browse the Nintendo eShop for any free demos or games that seem worth trying. While doing this, I ran across the demo for HarmoKnight and fell in love INSTANTLY! I couldn’ t wait for it to be released and at $15.00 USD I could not pass it up. Here is my review of HarmoKnight!


In this brightly colored, quirky game created by Game Freak you play as a young boy by the name of Tempo. Little does Tempo know, him and his bunny friend Tappy will be going on an adventure to save the world Melodia. You work together with his friends Lyra, Tyko & Cimbi to save the castle. In order to progress in the game, you must listen to the music and jump or attack according to the obstacle all in perfect rhythm.  When fighting bosses, you must act on the verbal cues given to bring them to defeat.  Listening and timing your moves are the key to success in this game! Collecting notes and progressing through the stages unlocks “Bonus Stages” which feature your favorite Pokemon Soundtracks as well as a secondary “Fast Mode” which speeds up the level’s original music speed. I was very excited to hear the first Bonus Stage being a familiar tune!

HarmoKnight is for the hardcore gamer and the casual gamer alike and for all ages. If you ever have wanted to just relax and play a game without stressing about winning,gathering, or if you just want a break from the many online trolls;, this game is definitely for you. It’s fairly easy; pick up and play game that will bring you hours of play time, especially if you are one to play to 100% completion such as myself. I am a perfectionist when it comes to completion. 🙂 Don’t underestimate this game though, there are very difficult stages that will take multiple attempts to complete. As I am currently stuck on one myself. The only downside to this game is sometimes the music and the obstacles don’t line up as you would anticipate which causes you to sometime miss a jump or an enemy. Most of the music is pretty catchy and I find myself humming the beats even after I play, but there are some that I don’t care for as much either. Other than that, the game is a great to pass the time, and just FUN! I have played other rhythm game demos on the 3DS and I have yet to find another one like this that I gravitated to so quickly. I really enjoyed the Fast Mode of the levels you can get upon completing them as it gives me even more of a challenge to finish all with Gold Status.

HarmoKnight is only available for the Nintendo 3DS and the 3DS XL and if you were debating on whether to get it because it costs $15.00 I am here to tell you that it is definitely worth it! I have had the game since release and I have yet to finish it quite yet and it’s been almost a week. I have seen too many games on the eShop that don’t even look worth my time, this one is not so. Even if you aren’t one for rhythm games, this game is very easy to adapt to and there is a Demo in the eShop for you to try it out before purchasing.  Purchase and Download it today!

Have you tried HarmoKnight yet? Tell me what you think about it.


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