Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: The Most Annoying Low Rank Monster

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April 25, 2013 by SugaryCupcakes

Hey everyone, happy hunting!


I took a short break from gaming, but today I started playing Monster Hunter again. Which of course sparked the never ending cycle of farming and gathering, eating and slaying, forging and making better armor. In the Guild Hall I’ve already started my higher HR quests, but in the village quests I am wrapping up my low level quests. Due to me being the 100% completer I am, I have been trying to grind these low level quests in the guild hall to get the weapons I need. After fighting them over and over, I think I have been able to identify the most ANNOYING Low Rank (HR 2) monster, it is the Royal Ludroth.


As a dual sword wielder, the R. Ludroth is the worst monster to grind. The reason being is because the only ‘real’ attack the R. Ludroth does is roll, and roll, and roll. Talk about the disrupts! I’m currently trying to farm this monster as well in the Guild Hall High Rank quests to get his armor and I must say, fighting him in either tier is mad frustrating. He’s not like the other overly long, and much harder monsters you come across. My favorite item to use for this monster are shock traps because of the mere fact that he doesn’t stay still LOL. So I have Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate for the Wii U, and I need to grind the Royal Ludroth (HR 3)so that I can get my water weapon and his armor so I’m calling out to you.


I need some help getting through the farm of this beast. Haha! Want to schedule a time to play? Or follow me on Twitter and I’ll be posting when I am online! I love playing with others, so come and join me.

Any one else working on 100% completion? Let’s hunt!


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