Negative Players in League of Legends

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July 31, 2013 by SugaryCupcakes

Hey readers!


So last night I was reading the newest post on the website to find something pretty interesting.  Apparently, Riot is trying to make dealing with those toxic douchebags we can run into online a little bit more tolerating.  One of the features they added was the Restricted Chat Mode, what this basically does is limit what people can say when in a match. Apparently it’s been working since according to Lyte 75% of people reform after it’s been issued. What it looks like is that Riot may actually get RID of permabanning… WHAT?

Lyte says,

“Actually, the main reason we’re moving away from permabanning players is because it’s not the ideal punishment in a free to play game. A percentage of players never come back, but a percentage of players simply make new accounts and shift their toxicity to our low level population–this is a terrible experience for our new players.

We’ve found that systems like Restricted Chat Mode are better punishments because they allow players to still play on their main accounts but in ‘shielded’ states where they can work on improving their behaviors.”

I, personally, nor anyone I know has been issued this Mode so I am not sure what all you can and can’t say. I think one of the most intriguing bits of information I did read was the fact that Pre/Post game chat isn’t included in the Tribunal! How could this be?! Most of the toxicity starts at Champion select, and trolls seem to love to brag in the post game chat if not during the match.



Innocent Leaguer: Mid



Troll: I”m first pick, I want Mid.

Innocent Leaguer: Please, can I have mid?  ( has decent stats and can probably play mid pretty well)

Troll: STFU, Mid or feed.

Innocent Leaguer: Okay…guess I’ll support.

Troll: *picks Master Yi*

Innocent Leaguer: Really? AP Yi?


Yi loses first blood, stays in the match about 10 minutes somehow dies 8 times and feed their team.. then.. wait for it…. Feed and Leave.


Or the case of the troll that doesn’t say anything until the last 10 minutes of the match maybe, and then criticizes everyone with verbal harassment with the post game chat. Is this acceptable?

I kindda feel betrayed as all this time I though that at least the post game chat was included for these “undercover” trolls. I just think there is a lot of chat that is said at the very beginning of the match that pretty much will dictate how the rest of the match will go and I believe that that should also be taken into consideration as we do the tribunal.   What do you all think?

Because I was so astonished the Tribunal, I thought I’d be a good Citizen of League and actually use to Tribunal to see if I could punish some of LoLs biggest Baddies. Here is what I found:

About 95% of the cases I voted on were for either verbal abuse or negative attitude, and out of the 20 I voted on only one was for a violating name.

Power to those who vote at the tribunal and make League of Legends a better place to game. The tribunal just isn’t my cup of tea.


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