Battle Girl {Pokemon Trainer}

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August 3, 2013 by SugaryCupcakes

Hola amigos!

Battle Girl {Pokemon Trainer}

Because I am the total Pokemon FanGirl, and so excited about Pokemon X and Y coming out in a few more months, I put together a super cute Pokemon Trainer outfit in Second Life. If Pokemon were real I’d definitely be be a Pokemon Trainer, no doubt!

Which one will you get?

Which one will you get?

Pokemon X and Y is supposed to be coming out October 12, 2013, anyone else out there as excited as I am about the new installment? I’m all up pokemon battling and training once I transfer all my pokemon to the new game.

I’ve been playing Pokemon since I was a young trainer, back when Red & Blue were released. It’s so amazing how Pokemon has evolved from the Gameboy Color to the 3DS. I am so excited to play it on my Pikachu Edition. Woot! From what I see so far, Pokemon to be introduced in this new installment will be more ‘animal’ based than the random objects they were in Black & White. Personally, I really didn’t like having a Trashbag pokemon >_> . I love having a team full of super cute pokemon that kick ass! I think the pokemon that I am most excited about is the Mewtwo Awakened form.

I really enjoyed the story from Pokemon Black & White series, and looking forward to where this one will lead.  I’m looking forward to playing with you all when it comes out!.



Let me know what you think about Pokemon X and Y, have you preordered it? Out of the Pokemon Series, which one was your favorite?

All this talking about Pokemon actually has me thinking about collecting the Trading Cards again, what are your thoughts about that? Is it worth it? I have some first generation holographic cards I’d like to display again. LOL ❤

Let’s talk! I love discussion and learning new things from my readers.


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