American Express && League of Legends

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August 20, 2013 by SugaryCupcakes

Hey Readahs!


❤ Lux

So this weekend I logged onto League and found out that they are doing Prepaid Cards issued through American Express Serve Program. The promotion is simple, sign up for a FREE card, no questions ask and get 1k RP. Then with your first direct deposit, you get 10k RP. I was sold immediately and ordered my card before they “ran out” so to speak. The process was easy, simply log in with your information, fill out a short form and BAM your card is on it’s way, and you have 1k deposited into your account almost instantly.

What I like most about the card is the fact that it has it’s continuous benefit even after the large gratification you get for signing up and sending $20 from your check to the card is that it works very similar to a rewards card. When my current bank had a rewards program it was around 1 point per $5 spent, this deal is much better! Not only do I get points for every $3 spent, I can actually use them for something I want instead of random electronics, or trips I could never save enough to get in the first place.

I am very excited about getting my card in the mail and using it to make my first 10 purchases. I think the hardest part of the process was deciding which card I thought was the cutest! It was a tough decision between Teemo, Lux, and Vi, but in the end I decided to chose Lux because her card was the most colorful ❤

Riot, what have you done to me?! You have now made League of Legends a part of my everyday life.

Want to get one for yourself?! It’s 100% free, and reaps nothing but benefits.

Want more information about the American Express Serve League of Legend Card?

Also, did you get one as well? Which design did you get?


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