Pool Party Skins!

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August 22, 2013 by SugaryCupcakes

Good Evening Summoners!

So my favorite website for all LOL news released tonight that the Pool Party Summer Skins are now available to play on PBE.

These include:







Lee Sin



After seeing these images, I was so excited to try them out in game in PBE.  The splash art looks AMAZING, but I wasn’t as thrilled about the in game experience. I felt let down, by a lot of the animations, and felt like more time should have been put into it like the original Pool Party Ziggs skin. With Ziggs, you get a change for all of Ziggs animations, that isn’t the case with all of the skins with this new group.

Let’s start with Renekton.

Personally, I think Renekton has the best visual animations out of the group. To me, his moves are pretty basic, and probably were the hardest to bring something fresh in new to the table. I loved the little bubbles that happen as he’s doing his ‘Slice and Dice’ and ‘Ruthless Predator’. The lifeguard whistle along with the huge whirlpool like animation that comes up around him while he’s using his ultimate, ‘Dominus’ was also very nice. The recall animation of him hopping up on his lifeguard chair is so amazing as he goes back to the base. This was a nice addition to Renekton, and possibly the best Pool Part skin of this set.

Next up, Leona!

To be honest, the whole hype surrounding the Pool Party Skin lineup revolved around Leona for me anyways.  I was happy to see the animation for her Zenith Blade (E) was changed to have the Umbrella shoot forward rather than the small stick sword she has for her default animation. I was rather disappointed though as this was really her only change, besides her recall which is so cute! I want to go to the beach and chill next to Leona. Her umbrella and surfboard are really cute to look at. Her other moves remain the same as they are with the original skin design.  I think the most annoying part of it all is when she does her joke, and hits her shield, well in this case, it’s an  surfboard, it shouldn’t clang like armor. All around, not very impressed with this one, it doesn’t offer really any different animations. The Ultimate, Solar Flare, does have a actual burning on the ground animation after it pops, but nothing that says OH MY DAYUM, I have to get it. Come on RIOT  make it more interesting before you release it!

Time for Lee Sin,

The new visual for Lee Sin is nice, but otherwise, I think this skin would be a complete waste of RP. Riot charges so much for skins these days, I would think they would bring more to the table.  This skin has nothing added on to it besides the recall animation which was nice. I don’t have really too much to say about this one other than I hope Riot puts some more thought into this skin as right now in it’s current state, it’s not worth my money.

Lastly, Graves!

Out of the PBE skins I think the best is a tie between Graves and Renekton. I really like the fact that Graves has a NERF WATERGUN! All his moves have a nice, water affect to them. I wish there was just a little bit more water on his . What I like the most about this skin, is the fact that Graves has a sexy tattoo *smiles* it definitely fits him with this skin and I think it was a nice touch to him. *blushes & laughs* When it comes to animations, this skin probably has the most, and if you are anything like me, you go for skins that have nice animations and actually give you something different to enjoy about the champion other than  a color palate change.

Overall, I loved the recall animation of every single skin that is going to be released. I wish Riot would have put as much effort they did for the recall animations for the actual kit animations as well. Riot has really lifted the bar in the past few months with the quality of skins they have been releasing, so I was a little let down and disappointed in these skins.  It’s not too late though, these skins are still in PBE, and could change before they come to the LIVE server. For example, I absolutely LOVED the Nidalee pole-dancing dance and hated that they had to tone it down for the LIVE server.


Which skins did you like, and which one did you hate? Tell me what you think. As always, I love discussion. ❤


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