Season 3 Rewards [League of Legends]

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August 28, 2013 by SugaryCupcakes

Hey Summoners!


Today, League of Legends posted what the Rewards will be for Season 3 ending October 31st 2013. Last year, League of Legends upped it’s rewards by granting all qualifiers Silver and higher that nice border at the log in screen, but this year we’ll all walk away with something…. as long as you play ranked. If you don’t play you can’t win, so get in those ranked games! Here are the rewards you get this year for kicking some ass in ranked.


Just like last year at the end of Season 2, if you score that Bronze League you get the Summoner’s Icon. BOO! Come on guys, I know everyone is better than this!



This year for Silver && higher, almost the same as last year. You get that silver-grayish backsplash on the loading screen that tells everyone you placed decent in rank for this Season. A nice addition for this year is that when you place Silver or higher, you get a permanently unlocked Season 3 Ward Skin!

The ward skin is a pretty nice edition especially since we don’t have any permanent ward skins for now. To be honest, I thought buying ward skins with RP was just ridiculous in the first place especially since up to this point they have been temporary. NIce touch Riot!



If you are one of the worthy who are able to score Gold && higher, you get what everyone wants every year at the end of the Season, a VICTORIOUS skin and some sort of buddy invitation thing. This year’s Victorious skin is ELISE, and I most have it. I was surprised to see that Elise was chosen to be this year’s Victorious skin, but I am not disappointed one bit. Elise is a force to be reckoned with played correctly and is a pretty good pick of a champion to play especially before they gave her the small nerfs she received and removed the Bulwark. LOL. Anyway’s she’s a great champion nethertheless, and I look forward to earning her as my first Victorious skin most definitely!



I absolutely love Elise, and I really really want this skin. So like everyone else, I will be in the Solo or Duo Que nonstop until October 31st gets here.  I’ve made it into the Silver League, so I have 3 months to get to Gold so I can get this skin.  Just as last years Victorious Janna, I’m sure this one will be just as hard sought after.


Riot has been so kind to provide us with a nice short FAQ that should answer most of our questions, feel free to take a quick look at it.

Do you plan on playing til you get to Gold? Let me know, I’m always up for some DUO que 🙂 email me your name, and I’ll be sure to add you in game. Let’s PLAY && WIN because that’s the most important part.


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