Pool Party Skins Are HERE!


September 10, 2013 by SugaryCupcakes

Pool Party Skins Are HERE!

Pool party skins have been released finally today, which one will you get?

Hey Summoners!

The pool party skins have finally be released TODAY! I was so excited to see the new log in screen for the Pool Party Skins debut. Was definitely great to see some of my favorite champions enjoying the last bit of Summer.

Pool Party Graves


For a limited time you will be able to get to shoot people with a water nerf gun as Pool Party Graves at a discounted price 975  for 2 weeks before he returns to the price of 1350. 

This skin was definitely one of the better skins. I hate to see it so expensive but after Riot revamped the way the skins are priced, I could see how this was coming. If you are a Graves fan, this is will a great skin to get with the different animations that are offered with this skin.

Pool Party Lee Sin


Lee Sin will be sipping on his coconut water and waiting on you to purchase him for 975.

Is he really worth getting? Well you be the judge. This wasn’t my favorite skin, because I felt like it was a cash out but he does look mad cool though.

Pool Party Leona


This most sought after skin will be available to purchase for just 975. 

This is definitely one of the skins I was most excited for even though I don’t play Leona. Matter of fact, I think I’ll start buy this skin just to play her more often. ❤ Leona. I was thinking this skin would be the skin they’d put the most effort into to land a price of 1350, but I guess this will do.

Pool Party Renekton


Lastly, you can pick up your neighborhood alligator lifeguard for 975.

To be honest, out of all the visuals for each Pool Party Skin, I do believe Renekton has the best skin hands down. It’s not super flashy but I was very impressed with the work Riot did for this skin, after all what can you really give to Renekton’s kit. I will definitely be picking this one up for sure.

Want the BUNDLE? Save money getting it, and they also have it flex to the appropriate price depending on which champions you already own. 

These slippy-slidey skins drip with summer fun and are available now in the League of Legends store. You can also save 20% with a flexible cost bundle that includes all of the new skins plus Pool Party Ziggs for 4200 RP. Need the champs too? They come with a 30% discount on the ones you’re missing, that’s 7413 RP if you need them all. This bundle will only be available in the store for the next 2 weeks.


You wanted them, now their here… Hand Riot your money… NAO!

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