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September 12, 2013 by SugaryCupcakes

Hey everyone!



Yesterday I was pretty lucky to meet an amazing guy who goes by RequiemsVoid who had an extra beta key to Dawngate that I have been trying to get into for quite a while now. A friend of mine told me about this game, and I’ve been interested in playing it ever since. I have watched the stream for hours on end hoping to be the first one to put in the beta key amongst sometimes 50+ viewers and could never seem to copy and paste or write it down fast enough to finally get in the game.

What is Dawngate?

Well, Dawngate is a brand new MOBA developed by Waystone Games and published by EA,  currently it is still in closed beta.  Much like many other MOBAs, you work as a 5 man team with your characters, known as Shapers, to work to capture the Spirit Well objectives which can give your team an advantage, and ultimately defeating the other team’s guardian. Upon first inspection, the game is visually pleasing enough, and it has it’s familiarity in regards to what we are already used to in the most popular MOBA, League of Legends.

As of right now I am still working on downloading the game now and getting a few matches in and I am definitely excited about trying something new; as well as streaming some of the first matches that I play in the new game.

Here’s a basic tutorial of the game to give you a feel for it. Want to register for the beta as well? Sign Up Here ! You can also catch some streamers on as a lot are giving away Beta Keys Daily. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out & subscribe to RequiemsVoid on his Youtube Channel to keep up with some of his amazing artwork as well as reviews to other games!

Youtube ~

Deviantart ~

Don’t forget to like me on Facebook as well as Follow Me on Twitter to catch me Streaming Live playing Dawngate in the upcoming days.  If you’re already playing Dawngate, let me know so that we can play some matches together. : )

~Mari ❤


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