HuluPlus vs Netflix {FIGHT}

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August 9, 2014 by SugaryCupcakes

hulu vs netflix


If you haven’t already posed the question to yourself: Why should I get a streaming subscription? or Which one would work better for me? In this post, I’ll try to make it a little easier to make that decision.

Personally I have both Hulu Plus as well as Netflix, but I use each one differently. I’ll try to explain the differences, pros vs cons of each one so that you can make an informed decision when trying to make that decision. Maybe you have one of them, but don’t know too much about the other, well I can try to shed some light on that as well.

This is a pretty long post, but take the time to read it as it does share a lot of information.




Price: $7.99/month


I’ve had Hulu for about a year now, and I have grown to deal with the ups and downs of having this service.


Best Anime Selection

 Hulu has an AMAZING selection of Anime to watch. For someone like me who absolutely loves watching anime, this is a very crucial feature to me. There are so many I haven’t even watched half of them left. They have a wide variety of genres to watch available. Probably the best part is the fact that they’ve just begun to add season’s of the original Sailor Moon as well as it’s rendition Sailor Moon: Chrystal. *HUGE SAILOR MOON FAN HERE* Seriously though, thanks to Hulu I’ve been able to watch Anime’s that I would have not even considered otherwise and I can thank their collection for that.

Great Original Series

Hulu has a lot of Original Series to offer. A lot of them are ongoing, so though there aren’t a TON of episodes to watch at once per series (I admit, I’m a binge watcher) there are quite a few to keep up with so it doesn’t bother me too much. There really hasn’t been an Original Series that I haven’t enjoyed, but some of my favorite are:

-The Awesomes, Deadbeat, Pramface, Mother UP, Fugget About it

They have several genre of Original Series so there is something for everyone. I look forward to finding out when my favorites release a new episode so that I can watch it immediately.

☆Very Fast Updates on TV Shows

Honestly, I am not a really big TV watcher. Even though I have a 55″ LCD TV, I do not spend a single minute on it watching cable television. I can’t keep up with it, nor do I have the income to pay for a DVR and such (Having my son pretty, and a gaming addiction will do that to you). So what I like about Hulu is that I can watch the latest episodes of television shows about a day or two after it airs on actual TV depending on Hulu’s contract with that particular show. No remembering to set the DVR to record, or worrying about how much space I have on it. I just use my computer, tablet, gaming system, and there are the latest episodes of Once Upon a Time, Shark Tank,  Teen Wolf, and Scandal just to name a few. This is so convenient for me I can’t stand it!


✖ Ads, Ads, Ads

This is what can be the most annoying thing about Hulu, the Ads. Except on children’s shows, you’ll get ads throughout your shows. Most of them are not longer than 30 sec intervals. When I’m binge watching Anime I tend to take advantage of the ads that come on before the ending credits of the show I’m watching, and the ads that come on before the next show starts to get a snack or a drink. When I do that it isn’t too painful.

✖Episode Expiration Dates

Another thing I can’t stand are that sometimes TV series will have shows missing or a warning on them that they will be removed after a certain period of time. That can be frustrating when I want to rewatch an episode of Shark Tank because those episodes expire after sometime. Also Hulu is not good for watching past seasons of TV shows. For example. I just noticed Teen Wolf is in Season 4 *yay* but I didnt’ get to finish watching Season 3.  I’m out of luck on this because they only keep recent episodes so Season 3 is no longer posted. D:


I enjoy Hulu a lot because I tend to watch a lot of Anime and they fulfill that need for me. They also have a decent selection of children shows for my son that he can watch while I am writing my blog, streaming, cleaning, or playing. I like the fact that I can watch the latest TV shows of my favorite series, as well as keep up with Hulu Original Series. Yes, the ads can sometimes be a pain but you get over it because of everything else it has to offer. What I’d like to see from Hulu is a price drop since we do have so many ads, but I do understand that they have to have them in order to give me episodes as fast as they do. If you are a TV show watcher, or ANIME LOVER, Hulu is what I would recommend without a doubt.

If you decide to try out Hulu Plus, please do me a favor and use this link.

What this does will give you 2 weeks free before charging you the monthly subscription rate, as well as give me 2 weeks free for the referral. That would be deeply appreciated ❤



Price: $7.99/month

I’ve had Netflix on and off for a few years now. What I am referring to on this review is the Streaming Option of Netflix, not the DVD option.


☆Lots of Movies && DISNEY

Netflix is really good for one thing, MOVIES. They have a very big selection of movies in all genre that you can literally watch hours and hours of movies with this subscription. Netflix has a contract with Disney that allows them to get all the Disney Movies available with this subscription. I really like that because I am a Disney Princess at heart and I love watching the classics with my son while curled up on the couch or on the bed. They also have the Disney Junior shows available so I can let him watch these shows that are age appropriate for him.

☆Past Seasons Available

This has to be the best part about Netflix! Though they don’t have any current shows with this subscription they do have a library of past seasons. This is where I first discovered Once Upon A Time and was able to watch all the older Seasons before switching to Hulu to keep up with the current Season. I was also able to do the same with SuperNatural *Dean, Marry Me!*. They also have plenty of Seasons of cartoons for my son to watch as well and even me *My Little Pony ftw*. I like that I can catch up a lot of the time with Netflix before I start watching the current stuff on Hulu.

☆No Ads

For the same price as Hulu, you get to watch your programs uninterrupted because there are no Ads on Netflix. This is wonderful!

☆Orange is the New Black

Yes, this Original Series by Netflix gets its own special star. After letting my subscription to Netflix lapse and not returning for a long time, when I found out that Orange is the New Black was coming out with the Second Season, I renewed my subscription just for it. This Original Series is worth at least a month of Netflix so that you can watch both the seasons that are available. Definitely worth checking out.


✖Limited TV && Anime

Sadly, the selection of Anime on Netflix, is how do I say it, ASS. *laughs* There aren’t many Television shows available and the Anime is almost non-existent. Netflix doesn’t really cater to these genres much. This is a con to me because I do watch a lot of anime, and they just don’t have it.

✖ No New Movies or Latest Seasons 

Okay, so when I say no new movies or latest seasons what I mean is that they take A VERY LONG TIME to get anything recent. Once Upon A Time still doesn’t have all the seasons available to watch. Oh, and new movies? Forget about it. You’ll be able to get these movies at the Redbox, or buying them from the store faster than they’ll get to Netflix.


I like Netflix for a few reasons. I like the feature that allows me to have profiles for everyone in my family so that we get reccomendations based on what we like individually. This works well for my son bfecause I can put it on Netflix KIDS and it will lead him to a page with all kid friendly shows that he can watch and list his favorites according the character sometimes. They don’t have ads to interrupt your movie watching so you’ll never have to worry about that. Having the collection of Disney Movies at your finger tips is really good for families. I would only reccomend Netflix to those who like to watch movies and have a lot of patience to wait for the new ones to become available.

Netflix doesn’t have a referral program that I could find please let me know if you find one so that I can add it to my post. Thank you very much everyone!


Well that’s it! This is my review of Hulu and Netflix, for me the winner would be HULU , but that is based on my watching habits. You may find that you prefer Netflix, but the best thing is that Netflix does have a free month trial you can do if you are on the ropes about it. Hulu also has a free trial, but please don’t forget to use my referral link to share the love with even me ❤


Thanks again for taking the time to read this review. Let me know which one you use in the comments and why. I’d love to hear from you as well as other people who are trying to make this decision.



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