Introducing: New Challenger!

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December 6, 2014 by SugaryCupcakes

Hey everyone!

I know it’s been a  long time since I have really posted anything on here, I’ve been going through a lot of stuff in my Real Life (yes, those do exist). I have had so many ideas for my blog, but I haven’t been able to execute them due to laziness, pregnancy, being a parent, procrastinator, excuse maker, my marriage, you name it. I haven’t made my blog as personal as I have wanted to in the past, and really posted about the things that I actually like doing besides playing games. This is a blog about my life + gaming, so I supposed I should include more of the “life” part. So on that note, I would like to introduce everyone to the new addition that was recently added to my little group of munchkins on 11/14/14.



Please welcome my newest little distraction, and new reason to procrastinate. Really though, I’ve had this blog for almost 2 years now and thank you to the people who actually take the time to read it. I don’t want to just be another person who talks about League of Legends, I want my readers to know there is an actual person behind the posts. Thanks again for reading ❤


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