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December 10, 2014 by SugaryCupcakes

Hey all!

The season ended last month, for some better than others. I just happen to be on the “others” list. This year I managed to make it to Silver 1 in Solo que for the SECOND year in a row. *cries* Silver 1 @ 50pts is where I ended the season due to trolls, and people who are already Gold and not caring about winning or losing. This year though, I happen to know some amazing people who created a 3v3 team and invited me to it. I took a while, but I got my 10 wins and earned Gold in 3v3, which I like to call “Fool’s Gold“. Why do I call it that, well in my opinion, it isn’t as “earned” so to speak as it is in Solo Que. As we all know the pains of ranked, or hoping to Duo Que with a friend to help you endure through the task of ranking up, until the very person you duo’ed with happens to be the team feeder.


Still rocking that Gold tho!

This isn’t the case with Fool’s Gold. If you’re lucky enough to know some pretty high ranked people who will create a 3v3 team, play the matches, and earn Gold out of provisional you’re pretty much set for the season….. if you can get your ten wins.

The best thing about having Gold in 3v3 and not 5v5 is the fact that I always get asked how I have a Victorious Skin without the Gold Banner.

vik morg

Good luck to everyone this Preseason on moving up in Rank. Even though you won’t get the rewards, it will definitely help you place a little bit higher in your qualifiers coming up next year.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter and drop me a message if you’re up for some Duo Queue I don’t mind running a few matches ❤

See ya on the Rift!


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