Finally Made My {FIRST} Sale!

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December 12, 2014 by SugaryCupcakes

Hey everyone!

I wasn’t really prepared to make a post today as I kindda have one that I’m writing to release this Sunday. I’m in the middle of moving this weekend, and it’s been really crazy trying to pack with a 2 year old and newborn. So this post is really quick, but I’m so excited about it because I finally made my first sale in my Etsy Store! YaY!  I opened the store, Such Sweet Geekery,  August 2014 with the help of my hubby because of two reasons. We were looking through some of the categories of crafts we could do in this case crochet & papercrafting and saw a lack of representation of the characters we love. We’re major Geeks/Nerds. The Second reason was, well, we were low on cash and wanted to generate some revenue doing something we absolutely love. So we it all came to a boiling point and we decided to make our own and share it with the world, so to speak. Today our little man Kirby was purchased and I’m really excited about it.


We loved having you Kirby, but happy to see you go

To be honest, I was starting to be doubtful that someone would buy something, because after all we have been open for a few months and even though we were getting views and favorites, no one was buying. This has definitely boosted my spirits and I’ll be making some more in the near future. I have a small list of ones I want to create, them being the Blue Shell from Mario Kart, Trinity Force from League of Legends, Princess Peach Crown.

Tell me what you think about those three. They’ll probably be the same size as the Kirby which is 5×7.

Please visit my shop by clicking on the picture below or here. I would definitely appreciate your support in my endevour as showing interest increasing my motivation to keep going. My shop, my blog, and stream continue to go on because of the support from you guys.


Also if you or someone you know can make me a cute kick ass graphic for my shop please let me know as I am currently looking for a graphic I can get commissioned.

Thanks again everyone ❤


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