Why so much {ARAM}!?

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December 23, 2014 by SugaryCupcakes

Lately I’ve been playing a LOT of ARAM on League of Legends….


As season 4 closed and preseason first began,  my match history was littered with Ranked Matches. I guess I was apart of that whole Rush to Gold phase which for some reason I can never achieve D: Going on 10 win winning streaks followed up by losing streaks that put you right back where you first started was stressful as hell. The trolls who rage quit because they either don’t get the role they wanted, or in a case of mine because I was last pick and decided to play played Lux as support our adc DC’d straight from the beginning stating, “Lux is not a support. I hate Lux all she does is KS!”. Even though that can be considered somewhat true, people deciding not to play because of such stupid accusations make it not worth the grind. Pair all of this with the simple fact that I now have a newborn, and all chances of playing ranked through the preseason are close to none. Even the ranked matches that I do manage to play usually end up in loses not only because of trolls but the fact that I am holding a screaming, crying, hungry, and sometimes very smelly life-sucker. Not only that, but yelling at my two year old because I just spotted him out the corner of my eye doing something mischievous such as drawing me a new moral or self portrait on the walls of his bedroom across the hall. I see all this because I am an amazing multi-tasker or more simply put… a Mom.  So to relieve myself from being constantly pissed off, I’ve resorted to ARAM. In Aram, life is much simpler. Finally those who want to troll can do so in an environment where no one cares. AD Lulus and Malzahars can forever roam free, as well as AP Leonas and Miss Fortune *yes, that Bullet Time will hurt like no other*. No one cares if you steal the kills, and no one has to cry because they have to play support; which I personally don’t mind playing. All you have to do is kill everyone you see, and try to juke as many projectiles as you can. It’s that simple. During my time in Aram, I’ve also learned that some people play league and ONLY play Aram *GASP* who knew this type of player even existed? The community of people who only play this game mode are actually very nice. I’ve met a few new friends while playing ARAM over and over, and  I think that they are much nice and friendlier than anyone you could meet on the Rift.  I say all this to say, Fuck you Ranked Matches and all those who make it a living hell, I’ll play Aram until I stop raging about all those losses all you asses gave me ❤


please play Aram with me



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