Impressions Anime Review: {Death Parade}


January 10, 2015 by SugaryCupcakes

Yay! First post of the New Year!

Okay so I’ve been behind on a lot of stuff as usual, but I felt so inclined to start an anime review series I want to call “Impressions”. With the start of the New Year I wanted to add this as a topic I write about well, because I watch a shit ton of anime. So for the kick off of Winter 2015 Animes, one in particular caught my eye. I heard about this anime a few weeks ago upon my finishing of Death Note, which was absolutely amazing and belong to a post on it’s own.

Made from the studio Madhouse, who brought us Death Note, High School Of the Dead, and Black Lagoon, comes the dramatic, psychological thriller Death Parade.

This review will consist of my thoughts on the anime, and a somewhat light synopsis. There will be no spoilers to the episode as I really want you guys to watch it.


Death Parade

Episode 1  Death: Seven Darts

Premiered this week on 1/09/15.


After much anticipation, I sat down in front of my computer started this anime on Hulu. The intro is very fun, with the characters of the series having to be what is seemingly a good time at possibly a casino of some sort. There’s even a DDR cameo. It almost appears that you’ve started watching a comedy. The music is really catchy and the art style is very clean, which I can appreciate.

Death Parade Opening

When the anime starts you are given a totally different feel. That light, happy, fuzzy feeling slowly fades away as you watch the characters Takashi and Michiko come out of two different elevators. They appear to be happy to see eachother, but have no idea where they are. They leave the elevators to find  themselves somewhere they’ve never been with no memory of how they got there.  They look around to be greeted by Dequim, a pretty cute a bartender if you ask me, who tells them that he cannot tell them where they are, that they must play a game in order to leave, and lastly that it will have real life consequences. Dequim also informs them that the game will be darts, and that they have 7 darts a piece. It is no ordinary game of Darts as it is colored with body locations in which if landed on will translate to pain in the person’s actual body.

Death Parade 1

The anime from there continues to go down a dark, twisted, spiral until the unexpected happens which I’ll leave to you to find out. I hate reading reviews that spoil the ending so I won’t do that to ya!

My first impression is that Death Parade is a psychological thriller that is bound to bring plenty more twists and turns as displayed in this first episode. If you like a good suspenseful, mindfucking anime, this is the one. As soon as I came to any conclusions the plot was quickly changed and I loved that about this anime. It has that suspenseful feel that Death Note had that always kept you guessing. Even if you aren’t a “hardcore anime watcher”, I think this anime will be enjoyable even for you . I know a lot of people have their favorite sites to view anime, but this anime also airs on Hulu, and I believe we get it shortly after it is streamed. I am not sure, but it might be the next day if anyone knows please correct me.

Next Episode- Death: Reverse is scheduled to air January 16, 2015.

If you’ve already seen the anime, let’s discuss! Just a disclaimer, do not read the comments just in case there’s spoilers in there. ❤

2 thoughts on “Impressions Anime Review: {Death Parade}

  1. mochirochi says:

    I’m hoping we get some more insight on the arbiters and that the show doesn’t fall into the episodic trap. I like the concept, but if every episode is like this one then I can see it getting boring after awhile. This is by Madhouse though, so I do have high hopes that it’s done right.

    • I actually wouldn’t mind seeing a few more episodes where the true ugly side of people are exposed when they believe their life is on the line, not knowing that they are already dead. Judging by some of the characters that I’ve seen, I’m sure we’ll get to know each one a lot more personally while seeing more people’s heads get screwed around with lol. I guess we’ll have to see what happens next week! And yes, I am counting on Madhouse to make this amazing.


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