Champion Update {Alistar}

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January 13, 2015 by SugaryCupcakes

New Champion Update for Alistar is soon to come!

It looks like Riot is making a small update to League’s favorite cow.

I have never played Alistar personally, so this update doesn’t really seem to be that intensive to me, but  I could be wrong. What I can tell from the post is that they made his model a helluva lot better, which I can definitely agree upon. Alistar has never looked so cool in all his years. I love the new model! It actually even makes me a little bit interested to play him. I know he’s gone through his little spurts of really big power through the changes that have been throughout some of last season’s patches.

Other than the new model, they’ve changed up the way a few of his animations look. Here’s the splash released by Riot.

Alistar Update Splash


I love the way they changed the animation of his ultimate. It looks so much better. To be honest, I can’t remember how it looks like now off the top of my head, but this already looks much noticeably different.

After seeing all the new model updates for Alistar, I actually want one of the skins I had never thought of getting before. I absolutely love the Longhorn Alistar which I found out from the client is a Legacy Skin and I hate that soo much cause I want it right now. I love the colors for it… it’s like the cutest Ali ever! Purple and pink are both my favorite colors, and I have to say this is rivaling Pink Taric for me lol. Anyway, hopefully I’ll get it once it comes out the vault. I think it’s usually like 260 RP for anyone else that is interested.

So you other Alistar players out there, can you tell me what you think about this update? Would love to know what those think about it that actually give him some play time.

Until next time…

Sugary out!


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