OMG {Tristana} Champion Update!

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January 13, 2015 by SugaryCupcakes


Today I felt like trolling a little bit in League, with of course, an Ashe pick in Ranked, but that’s a whole nother topic in itself. When the launch screen came up, I saw the new TRISTANA update. Let me say their new rendition of her is not what I would have expected, but still cute nonetheless. 

From what I understood from it, they are making Tristana a champion that will actually use brain cells to play. They seem to be focusing a lot of power on her new E which will be a stacking explosion that can hurt others once it’s fully stacked,  instead of it exploding after a minion/champion death. From the video it looks like coupling this with her attack speed steriod will be how to get the power out of Tristana. They say they are lowering the power of Rocket Jump, so I wonder if that means it will be a little bit harder to finish off those people who are low around her because of this.


Tristana’s New E

I love the new animations on Tristana!

I can see when the E is being used on both my side, and enemy side hurdling through the air much better than the enlarged bullet from the old one. I also like the fact they have FIRE coming out of the cannon. The design looks much better and fits more on the New Summoners RIft. Just this change alone brings her up to date with the new design. The Rocket Jump looks amazing as well. I just hope it isn’t as glitchy when they finish the update as it is now.

Tristana’s Old E

Just recorded this video real quick to show the comparion, please excuse it as it has no editing lol.

Before it was just a very large bullet with the heart with crossbones on it. Not very flashy and easily missed if you aren’t expecting it already or looking for it. For example, timing it with Sivir’s Spell Shield. Just old and outdated, but did the trick since the beginning. I’m so glad to see this getting an update. ❤

Here’s a little preview of how all her updated models look like. I have Happy Elf Tristana, and I love the way she looks with her new update.She looks so much cleaner, and the details on the rocket look amazing.  I also like what they did with Riot Girl Tristana. Now it’s not just a color palette swap, it actually has it’s own details, such as the yellow goggles, cannon change, and the last Smiley Face you’ll see before you see that infamous Gray screen. One thing I really do want to see is if they or how they will update the animations on Firefighter Tristana, that will be cute.

Tristana update isn’t available to play quite yet, but I’m sure it will be very soon. Can’t wait to try her out. What do you guys think about this update? What do you think about them making Tristana a more AD carry instead of one that can go either AP or AD?

Who is going to miss AP Tristana?

You can read the original Riot Post here.


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